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Got To Hell

Book 1 the Hell Hound Series

Teagan O’Malley is a young lesbian trying to figure her place out in life. Stifled by the overprotective nature of her well-meaning parents, Teagan struggles between trying to balance her free spirit and natural curiosity about the world, and easing her families fears of something she can’t see or comprehend. Her demure stay at home mother, her seemingly harmless father, and even her eight-year-old sister all seem to be tying to shield her from a nameless anger…a threat they have all been waiting for as long as she can remember. 

Teagan is sure that her family is simply paranoid…until one horrible night that rips her reality apart. She is left broken, alone, and thirsty for revenge on those who have taken everything from her. An alluring stranger makes her a deal. A deal that turns out to be so much more than she bargained for! 

Teagan is soon plunged into an other-worldly life, with unimaginable powers, but cursed as well…for her to find the revenge she seeks, Teagan must first go to Hell!