Cast of my current WIP

“Esme” Esmerelda Anastasia Tremaine

Esme is my main character. Stepsister to the evil Cinderella and reluctant hero. She was forced out of her home in The Magical kingdom (no I haven’t come up with a name yet ), with nothing but her life. She was hiding in the human world when agent Cameron finds her and brings her in for murder. She doesn’t have a choice, but to come with her considering the handcuffs and shits about to go down in her homeland. She’s ready to face Cinderella or die trying. To make matters worse she’s falling for the arrogant sexy agent that hates supernaturals. Could life get more complicated? Maybe?

Grimm Agent Cameron Wilcox

Agent Cameron, the love Interest comes from a long line of Cops only she has a little more up her sleeve than just a gun. She has the privilege, or the curse, depending on which day you ask her, of the calling of Grimm. Now instead of the everyday life of patrol and typical murders, she’s chasing after supernaturals and has some magical powers of her own. They were all the same. Criminals and supernaturals, none of them could be trusted. She was called to protect humans and that was what she was going to do, even if it meant that some people got hurt. There were always causalities in war. Only this supernatural isn’t like the rest. Could humans have the fairy tales all wrong? Esme is going to make Cameron break her rule of never trusting a supe and sure as hell don’t fall in love with one.

The Villain, Princess Cinderella

Princess Cinderella, the villain, is out to take over the Magical Kingdom. Thank the gods she got rid of her stepsister, Esme before she showed everyone the truth about her evil deeds. It was all wrapped up nicely. She was everyone’s darling. Humans were so gullible. She was ready to take out the king and get rid of that annoying Prince she married, until she found out Esme was still alive. That bitch was always trying to ruin her fun! Esme was always the perfect one. Even her father thought so. “Why don’t you be a good girl like your sister, Esme.” Everyone just loved Esme. Good thing Cinderella set her up for murder. That should keep her busy.